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Artist Services

We specialize in the production of large-scale photography by contemporary artists for museum and gallery exhibitions. At DOCUMENT we work directly with artists and organizations on the process of scanning, editing, color correction, proofing, printing and delivery.


Using the Epson 11880 with an advanced MicroPiezo® TFP print head and the latest Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink technology we craft museum quality archival pigment prints. A custom ICC profile is created for each paper using SpectralVision Pro and X-Rite spectrophotometers allowing for optimal color gamut. With the Epson 11880 we have the ability to print up to 64” x 110” mural prints down to 8” x 10” portfolio prints.

EPSON 11880 Archival Pigment Prints

Each print includes one free proof that is 15% the size of the final print (64” Maximum Roll Size). Each additional proof is billed out at full print prices.

Rag and Fiber Based Paper
  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (308gsm)
  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl (320gsm)
  • Epson Exhibition Fiber
  • Innova IFA-69 FibaPrint Baryta (310gsm)
  • Harman by Hahnemuhle FB Gloss
Gloss, Luster and Matte
  • Epson Enhanced Matte
  • Epson Luster
  • Epson Gloss
  • LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric
Prints using Artists own paper


(Aluminum Composite)

How to Figure out Print
and Mounting Prices

  • Length” x Width” = Total
    Square Inches
  • Total sqft = Total Square
    Inches / 144
    (the total square inches
    in 1sqft)
Fiber 32”x40” Example

32” x 40” = 1280 / 144 = 8.88
Total sqft x $24 = $213.12


Our film scans are made using a Howtek Scanmaster 4500 with AZTEK Digital PhotoLab Pro 7.8 making custom negative profiles for each negative scanned. Flatbed print scanning is done using an Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner that can reach a 6400 dpi optical resolution using SilverFast® SE 6 scanning software.

Howtek Scanmaster 4500
Drum Scanning

— $150

= 8”x10” (600MB)

— $100

= 4”x5” (400MB)

— $75

= 6cm x 7cm (250MB)

— $50

= Transparencies, Color Negatives and 35mm B&W Negatives (75MB)

Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Flatbed Print Scanning

— $55

= 100MB and Over

— $40

= 50MB to 100MB

— $25

= 50MB and Under

Other Services

Besides printing and scanning we offer a full variety of custom image editing, color correction, framing and production assistance.

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for a custom quote

Case Studies


Alan Cohen, Alan Thomas, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Andrea Meislin Gallery, Andrew N Wilson, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Anna Shteynshleyger, Barbara Kasten, Bob Thall, Bortolami Gallery, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Columbus College of Art & Design, Daniel Bauer, Dawoud Bey, David Hartt, David Weinberg, Devening Projects + Editions, Dianna Frid, Eric Fleischauer, Geof Oppenheimer, The Graham Foundation, Hedrich Blessing Photographers, Heidi Norton, Hyde Park Art Center, International Center of Photography, Jason Lazarus, ed Fielding, Jeanne Dunning, Jessica Labatte, Jin Lee, Joel Ross, JNL Graphic Design, John Henderson, John Sparagana, Karen Glaser, Laura Letinsky, Longhouse Projects NYC, Martha Stewart Living, Milwaukee Art Museum, Monique Meloche Gallery, Nelson Atkins Museum, Paul D’Amato, Radius Books, The Renaissance Soc, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Selina Trepp, Stephen Daiter Gallery, Steve Daly, Scott Fortino, Terry Evans, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, Thomas Roach, Three Walls, Valerie Carberry Gallery, VGA Gallery, Volume Gallery, William Pope L., Yale University Art Gallery