Anyone Who’s Everyone
Suara Welitoff
April 26–June 1, 2013

Opening Reception
Friday, April 26

DOCUMENT is pleased to present Anyone Who’s Everyone, a solo exhibition of new work by Suara Welitoff.

In her first exhibition at DOCUMENT, Welitoff explores the relationship between gesture, distance, and time in an installation features a single channel video monitor, a single channel video projection and two photographs.

Heartbeat, the single channel video projection, features a scene from a film depicting a woman spinning around continuously searching for the viewers’ gaze. Welitoff inverts the filmographic image and loops the short scene emphasizing the woman’s unrequited search for the viewer. In Echo Echo Welitoff utilizes the ubiquitous image of a lone wolf, removes it from its environment and silences its call, forcing the action to signify the howl. The looping of the video emphasizes the continuation of the wolf’s search and the residual tension left when there’s no answer.

The pair of Untitled portraits are a first-printing of reworked older images from the artist personal archive. These black and white works are lit by the ambient light from the projection casting a warm tone over the images and making them formally converse with the woman in the projection. Together these four works whisper to one another across the gallery quietly challenging the significance of distance and yearning.

Suara Welitoff (b. 1951, Jersey City, NY) lives and works in Cambridge, MA. Welitoff has shown work nationally at Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago, the De Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. She has shown in group shows around the world in Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York. She is a recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, the Rappaport Prize, the Maud Morgan Prize and is in the Collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Worcester Art Museum and Deutsche Bank New York.