Kazuhito Tanaka

Kazuhito Tanaka (born 1973 in Saitama, Japan) lives and works in Kyoto. He studied at Meiji University in 1996 followed by a graduate degree at the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2004. Tanaka questions the relations between photography and painting, exploring new abstract expressions using photography. He also is an independent curator that is parallel with his artist practice. He is the director soda, an artist-run space in Kyoto founded in 2018.


Recent solo exhibitions include Gravity and Light, soda, Kyoto (2020), Self-Dual, Gallery PARC, Kyoto (2019), Trans / Real -The potential of Intangible Art vol.7 Kazuhito Tanaka, gallery αM, Tokyo (2017), pLastic_ fLowers, Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo (2015), etc. Recent group exhibitions include Wind and Images, Sprout Curation, Tokyo (2021), TAMA VIVANT II, Tama Art University, Tokyo (2019), NEW BALANCE #3, XYZ collective, Tokyo (2015), hyper-materiality on photo, G/P gallery shinonome, Tokyo (2015), etc. Recent curations include Never the Same Ocean, soda + HAGIWARA PROJECTS, Tokyo (2021), S/F -Photography, or a Monolith after 200 years-, KAYOKOYUKI + soda, Tokyo (2019), Photographs by 7 Painters, soda, Kyoto (2018), Her Name is ABSTRA, Daido-Soko, Kyoto (2012), etc. He was awarded the Tokyo Frontline Photo Award in 2011.